Winter Break(ing)

I knew winter break week with both kids, alone, and no set plans was going to be rough.  It was only Tuesday, but I was already losing it.   9:07 AM As expected, the boys were running amok, playing with everything and nothing in particular.  I made the bed and left the room.  Ten minutes…[READ MORE]

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What Could Have Been

Driving to the market, Eddie sang his usual silly song for Jeremy, “Oh Santa,” from Veggie Tales.  Larry the Cucumber couldn’t wait for Santa to come so he could give Santa a cookie.  Only Eddie’s adaptation went, “Oh Jeremy, I just can’t wait for you to talk, I just can’t wait for you to talk.…[READ MORE]

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“Broken” Child, Broken Parent

“I used to think my son’s disability, his “brokenness,” was intolerable.  But now I find myself glorying in my own.” In 2004, my family stepped off a plane after one year of serving on foreign missions to Central Asia. We had taken our six-month old newborn, Jeremy, to a third world country few had ever…[READ MORE]

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Who Am I? An Autism Mommy Manifesto

I am the mother of a child with autism. When I think of “Mother of a Special Needs Child,” I envision a Zen-filled, Whole Foods-shopping, coupon-clipping, tree-hugging, Peace Corp-volunteering, ethereal woman with the patience of a monk. She graciously rears her homeschooled children with the peaceful radiance of a Raphael Madonna, replete with super-sized halo. But…[READ MORE]

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Mother’s Day, Post Mortem

  The Day After All fanfare is done.  Restaurants recover from the busiest day of the year.  Florists sweep away forlorn bouquets that weren’t pretty enough to get picked.  Drugstores stash away the picked-over greeting cards.  Maybe they’ll get recycled next year. For many women, it may not have been a joyous day of celebration.  Perhaps…[READ MORE]

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