Diane is a Christian wife, special-needs parent, and disability ministry consultant, author and speaker. Her passion is to encourage and comfort others with the comfort received from Christ, and to speak up for those who cannot… Not everyone is affected by disability. But whether by a diagnosis, disillusionment, death—or the death of a dream— everyone gets “disabled” by something. No one is exempt from the jagged edges of a broken planet. All believers struggle to reconcile faith with disappointment, grief and loss —unexpected, yet powerful tools for discipleship and spiritual transformation. The greatest gifts can come wrapped in hardship. Brokenness may steal, kill, and destroy indiscriminately. But Jesus is an equal opportunity healer and Redeemer. Thank you for joining us on the journey of being wrecked, redeemed and repurposed.

Unbroken Faith: Spiritual Recovery
for the Special Needs Parent
Wrecked, Redeemed
& Repurposed
Faith, Family and
Special Needs

Disability Ministry

“Medicine for a hurting heart.”

– Joni Eareckson Tada

Unbroken Faith: Spiritual Recovery for the Special-Needs Parent

Unbroken Faith identifies and treats the crippling fear, guilt, and inadequacy that parents of special needs kids can encounter.  Will my child still have a full life? Can I do this? Where is God in all this?

As you are adjusting to your new normal, Diane’s biblical-based encouragement will help you understand that you are not alone, that God gets it, and that God’s Word is entirely relevant to the raw and messy yet hallowed spaces of special needs parenting. 


Diane’s passion is for others to experience the power and timeless relevance of God’s Word, applied to the messy and gritty areas of life. As a mother to a child with multiple disabilities, she shares candid stories of universal struggle, anchored in Christ-centered hope — with unexpected twists of hilarity.

Disability Ministry Consulting

Since 2008, Diane has developed and lead disability ministries at small churches ranging from 100+ to the thousands, from established churches to new church plants. She works by your side to mobilize Special Needs Ministry as a catalyst to increase your congregation’s engagement, discipleship, community and “compassion quotient.”

The Blog

Faith, Family and Special Needs Parenting: God isn’t just using us to raise our children. He uses our children to raise us

“Diane is a gifted speaker and writer. Her gift? She’s authentic.

Diane shares a raw response to the pain she’s experienced. Her reflections are mixed with humor and sobriety, and she helps readers laugh at their own circumstances.

She points you to the Word of God in hopes that you will experience heaven-sent comfort and compassion. She will help you grasp how God understands your pain and suffers with you. She reassures you of God’s goodness, reminding you that it’s okay to grieve, weep, doubt… and ask the hardest of questions.”

CEO Joni and Friends, International Disability Advocate, Speaker and Author

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