“What About My Child?!” Amidst Grads, Gowns & Grief, A Different Story Unfolds

  Ah, the merry month of June!  A joyous and hectic season.  Flurrying about between graduations and gowns, gifts and weddings. “What’s next?  Which college?  What city?  Which company?” Their graduations and gowns; their shiny gifts and weddings.  I smile to suppress the slight rankle of bittersweet.  For within these hallowed months, the ghost of my Idealized Child...

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Eulogy For My Idealized Child

  To My Dear Idealized Child, I had a funeral in my heart today.  I had to lay to rest, every last hope and thought of you. You were the child I thought I could have.  You were the child I thought I did have.  For a little while, at least. I had done everything to guarantee you.  I took prenatal vitamins, ate organic, listened to classical music and read books to you in utero. The day you...

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“Why Me?” – God’s Spiritual IEP For Me

    Like many special needs children, my son has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) at school.  At present, it includes a 1:1 shadow aide who supports him exclusively throughout the day, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and behavioral therapy. Is it fair that my child gets a free bus ride to and from school, while hundreds of other parents must jockey in queue on a single-lane...

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Tiger Mom: Special Needs Edition

Author Amy Chua’s book created a firestorm in the parenting community and blogosphere, adding a new battle-chapter to the ongoing Mommy Wars. But as a parent to a child with autism, I know there are many of us who also drive our children through (and to) extreme or excessive therapies. Why? Because, “I know what’s best for my child.” OT, ABA, RDI, DIR, PRT, B12 shots,...

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“Normal,” A Sibling’s Perspective

Justin and I sat in the lobby of Jeremy’s speech therapist’s office, waiting for Jeremy to finish his session. Another mom also sat with her teenage daughter, waiting for their appointment. The daughter obviously had profound, physical and behavioral challenges. Non-verbal, she would often howl or make guttural noises. She was the type of person to get stared at in public, or at...

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A Tribute To “Supermoms”

“So, what do you do?” I never really know how to answer this question. I usually end up lamely saying, “I don’t work. I’m just a mom.” As if. I was raised to believe I was destined for significant and remarkable things in this world. When I became a Christian, I transferred that belief into doing even greater things for the Kingdom of God. Then autism...

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