Kim Fam Tricked-Out Van – Pt. 3: Mobile, Multi-Purpose Modularity

    In the first post of the series, I introduced a Summer Survival Strategy:  Tricking out the family minivan. In the second post, I detailed a checklist of Must Have items, particularly helpful for ASD families, or anyone weathering (withering?) the summer. In this third and last post, I present a survey of multi-purpose uses for the minivan.  It’s not just for getting to places....

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Kim Fam Tricked-Out Van – Pt. 2: The Checklist

    In my last post (before my July got hijacked by a sudden housing move), I introduced part one of  Summer Survival:  The Kim Fam Tricked-out Van.  Today, I finally get around to Part Two, “The Checklist.”           The Usual Suspects Most moms I know carry the standard minivan supplies:  a beach mat/blanket, lawn or soccer mom chair, reusable shopping bags, and...

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Summer Survival: The Kim Fam Tricked-Out Van

  Hooray for summer vacation!   Or, not so much?   Yeah, I hear you.   Extended breaks can be trying for any parent, especially with kids at home milling about, aimlessly.  This is especially acute for special needs parents. Like many kids with autism, Jeremy does well with structure.  He flourishes at school because of predictable routines, visual schedules that account for every minute,...

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Joni Camp: The Best Week of the Year!

    This afternoon, we roll into the Best Week Of The Year:  Family Retreat, AKA, “Joni Camp.” Camp is often described as, “heaven on earth!”  But come on…  How fun could it be to hang out with a bunch of other tired special needs families, who are probably as strung out from 24  x 7 caregiving, just as we are?   In 2011, I...

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Swim-A-Thon: Let’s Go Team Jeremy!

  As you can see, Jeremy LOVES the water.  His current record is six hours in the swimming pool, coming out only for mandated potty breaks.  But swimming lessons for a pre-verbal kid with autism who requires 1:1 instruction, can be prohibitively expensive.   All the more reason I’m so grateful for SNAP.       What is SNAP? Special Needs Aquatic Program (SNAP) is a...

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