Siblings: Research & Resources (Sib Panel Pt. 3)

  Part III in the Four-Part Sibling Panel series In the first post, we shared our adult Sib Panel’s personal insights at growing up with a special needs sibling.  Earnestly and honestly, they shared their struggles as well as blessings gained. In the second post, we highlighted practical recommendations how parents and families can help support Sibs. In this third post, we share...

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Siblings: How to Help (Sib Panel Pt. 2)

  Part II of a Four-Part Series on Special Needs Siblings This picture was taken two summer ago when Justin was five.  The boys were swimming at the pool.  An older girl about ten began harassing Jeremy, who is sweet, passive, and non-verbal with autism.  I was ready to launch into Mama Bear Mode when my kindergartener beat me to it.  Justin shouted the girl down to leave his brother alone....

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Testimony @ Joni Eareckson Tada’s Bay Area Tour

 In March 2012, I had the honor of introducing Joni Eareckson Tada during her tour of the San Francisco Bay Area, by sharing my family’s testimony.  Video (10:30) and transcription below: In 2005, when my son Jeremy was 18 months old, our family returned from a year serving abroad in Uzbekistan.  Jeremy still wasn’t talking, so we had him checked out for a speech delay.  We assumed he was...

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